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We are an authorized U.S. Legends Cars dealer, rental and service center specializing in Legends Race Cars, Baby Grand Stock Cars, Spec Miatas, Bandoleros and Go-Karting. If you can race it, we can make it go fast!

At Austin Legends we know local racers work 9 to 5ís, so we are here to offer you a winning edge at an affordable price. Parts... repairs... setups... we pride ourselves on offering the services you need with quality, passion, and dedication that is second to none.



    Austin Legends - Race Car Sales, Rentals and Service
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14415 Aden Road
Nokesville, Virginia 20181

(703) 791-0051

(703) 887-4210

Shop: 703-791-0051     Mobile: 703-887-4210    roger@austinlegends.com